Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sami Callihan's Rising Star: If I Were WWE...

Earlier today I was blown away yet again by a Sami Callihan promo (  The eerie atmosphere he creates is quite refreshing, and gets me hyped-up for whatever he's about to do.  Unless he gets picked up by one of the Big Two soon (which I consider to be a very real possibility), I could really seem him making a big impact on the indy scene along with his former tag partner Jon Moxley.

If it weren't for McMahon's refusal to get behind a good goth/emo gimmick (and possibly PG rating + the psycho shootings in the news which Sami visibly shows influence from, but WWE has done stupider things in regards to those matters in the past, so why not for Sami and throw another quick disclaimer before the show again?), I'd say without a doubt that Sami would be first in line for a WWE contract. Even with the PG rating working against him, I've noticed that emo/goth references can be quite common in cartoons, and the guy oughta still be a top candidate at the very least. Even at this stage of his career, Callihan's charisma alone should be everything the E's looking for.

Fantasy Booking: Based on what I've been hearing about CM Punk's Nexus, Callihan would be a perfect fit for it. At some point later in the group's run Punk has had the WWE title for a good while. When Sami starts getting over via a Batista-like push, the Nexus start losing important matches, perhaps briefly costing Punk the title. Punk orders Callihan and another member to square off to determine who leaves the faction. When Callihan loses, Punk sternly enforces the order in spite of Sami's resistance, but begins to telegraph a small amount of intimidation as the Straight-Edge leader does so. On his way out of the arena, Callihan wrecks objects such as the announce table computers, and is not seen again for some time. A promo like the DGUSA one mentioned earlier surfaces (again that's, DG factions = Punk's Nexus) to put an awesome spin on the "I'm taking you out one-by-one" formula. Sami starts jumping Nexus, brutally beating-down members as the scared-as-shit Punk watches in despair (Matt Striker: "Switchblade Conspiracy! What has CM Punk unleashed!?"). Of course, it all builds up to a mania progam, highlighted by a promo with a similar vibe to the "number 3" promo ( If they fetch him up now, WWE would be able to argue that they made Sami Callihan into a main event star.

EDIT: Forgot that I could embed vids.  Here are the promos linked above for those who prefer to watch them in this format.  If you liked the old Cactus Jack and Chris Jericho promos, you're in for a treat.:

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