Monday, June 6, 2011

Stinkface Wrestling News: Indy Star to be Repackaged as Doink The Clown; Current Plans for CM Punk

The following is a report from Stinkface Wrestling News, a pro wrestling news-source which aims to bring the integrity-fueled journalism of news sites such as ONN to this craft.  It just might get its own blog if it gets enough support from the people.

The current plan is for Jon Moxley to be repackaged as Doink The Clown and joined by the newly signed Japanese star Kenta Kobayashi, better known as KENTA.  In WWE, Kobayashi will use the name "Kenta The Clown" and all WWE onscreen personel will refer to him exactly as such at all times unless WWE can acquire the exclusive rights to the name KENTA.  Kobayashi currently performs for Pro Wrestling Noah, and has worked for Ring of Honor on many occasions in the past.

Since CM Punk is expected to leave WWE around the end of the summer, Doink and Kenta The Clown will take over and repackage The Nexus, writing off Punk via beatdown.  If Punk returns in time for Wrestlemania, the door would be open for a face-turn and feud with Kenta The Clown.

The feeling backstage is that this would especially benefit Mason Ryan as it would help to differentiate him from Batista and because no one can take seriously.

The following YouTube video came from a leaked audio feed for Moxley's first promo for WWE as Doink The Clown, along with transcript.

"For years I've been ignored, held down, and ridiculed.

You see, I'm not related to any of those old has-beens you like to put on the air whenever you feel like making fun of them, and lately, I haven't been the kind of guy you'd want your kids around, but I've been more loyal to this damn business than any big red dofus, any brooklyn pushover, or anyone that's spent the better half of their career waiting for their tag partner to retire.  I've kept my nose so clean that no-one on the Internet thinks that I am real.

Well pretty soon, you're all gonna find out just how real Doink The Clown is; all you snot-nosed dorks on your computers, all you sycophants that join in on the laughs about me and Gooker, all string-pulling general managers are gonna wish you paid me just a bit more attention.

It's about time that someone started a black hole in this WWE Universe."