Monday, August 2, 2010

My Approach to Writing

In case you think my writing sucks or is good so far, here's how I'm doing it.

I'm just writing whatever comes to mind, as un-filtered as possible.  Like I said in my Hello World, I'm experimenting with working to understand my intuition more, and seeing how acting on a whim can affect my life.

As a college student, this is contrary to how I am used to writing.  I'd usually get solid grades at it, but I just hate having to carefully explain every detail and write everything in a specific, planned manner.  That said, a technique called mind mapping (google it) has helped me greatly when doing that, as well as using "//" to make note of points I want to make before I finish. ex.:

//Mention how I the "//" was inspired from my experience programming with Java.

I came up with the idea after taking a intro. to Java course.  When programming in that language, "//" is used to make comments, which is information that is intended for programmers to read to understand what the program does as opposed to the computer which would use the information to try to do something.

As part of this experiment, I've have spent little to no time spell-checking so I apologize for any typos I make and would appreciate any and all kinds of feedback.

EDIT:  Changed title to more appropriately fit the post.


  1. Wow, how come I never imagined using // to comment my writing drafts. Genius move, dude, I've started using it.

  2. Glad you found some value here. I'm sure we've all got something great to share if we can only drop the "after xyz" mindset and just be in the moment and make it available. If I had continued waiting until I figured things out like what design to use (this is Blogger's default) and monetization options I might've never gotten around to mentioning that tip.

    Acting on inspiration/subjective reality is something I am still trying to understand, and I doubt I have immersed myself in it quite as much as Steve Pavlina. However, your comment confirms that there may very well be benefits for taking this outlook.

    Thank you very much for your show of appreciation. After spending so much time getting info. off the web, it's nice to be able to finally give something back to it, however small it may be :).